Beautiful informative blogpost on an alternative view on mental health, with a great case study example of Guided Imagery in Music


Welcome to the final part of this 5-Part series which examines a brief investigation into an alternative view of Mental Illness issues.

To assess a situation correctly you need all the facts.
As any mathematician will attest; you can’t solve a mathematical equation with part of the formula missing!
There will be no satisfactory result or further advancement of the original problem.
In regards to the Mental Illness equation, part of the formula (the bigger picture of life) is missing.
Therefore, no satisfactory solutions have been the result.

Billions of dollars are spent on Mental Health each year, and “no known cause” continues to be the common statement behind each mental illness issue.
It makes logical sense to experiment with an alternative way, when the current way lacks results of a full recovery.

The predominant aim throughout this series on Mental Illness, has been to present an exercise in discovering…

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